Mordern food gleaning reducing food waste.

Harvest Bowl bridging food insecurity.

At Harvest Bowl, we ensure that no food goes to waste! Instead, we transform fresh fruits and vegetables into dried food packages that support food banks and shelters across London, St. Thomas, Elgin, Oxford, and Middlesex counties.

Fruit and Vegtable Growers supporting our community.

Food resources for those in need!

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The Harvest Bowl originated from a desire among local farmers to find a way to reuse the tons of produce that goes to waste in their fields. This led us to partner with more than 10 agencies to provide a shelf-stable, healthy food option.

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Through this amazing program, our local food producers take advantage of the opportunity to eliminate food waste in their fields rather than till under, giving this program the ability to provide fresh and healthy meal options.

Become a volunteer

Our church and service clubs from the community support us by giving their time. During Harvest time, these groups are given chance to volunteer and help out with the ‘gleaning’ process. High school students can earn volunteer hours.

Area Farmers Support Local Food Banks.


Fighting Food Insecurity

At Harvest Bowl, we’re proud to actively work towards reducing the amount of food that goes to waste daily. Our mission is to address the increasing challenge of food insecurity in our community. Our process of “gleaning” allows us to gather excess fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste and turn them into delicious, nutritious, dehydrated soup mixes. Our nutritionist creates the recipes for the soup mixes and the labels for the packages were developed in partnership with the University of Guelph. This collaboration was a win-win for everyone involved!


Community Food program

“Our clients enjoy the many different soup kits, dried apple slices and best of all the apple crisp! They are quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meals for our clients to prepare.
We at the Corner Cupboard Food Bank in Aylmer look forward to working with and receiving future projects of the Harvest Bowl.
Keep up the great work” ~  Liz McConnell Manager Alymer Corner Cubboard.

The sharing of agricultural food resources plays a part in reducing hunger and food waste.

Sharing Food Resources

Feeding families one soup at a time!

Harvest Bowl plays a vital role in the community by helping to provide a safety net for those experiencing food insecurity.